Custom services - Turnkey solutions

          Our fast prototyping services are based in a efficient process using a simple read across from previous designs, as well as taking off-the-shelf proven component parts as drop in modules in order to achieve our aims with confidence.

          We are used to create custom made designs for our customers who have problems with display and monitor products. Our custom electronics design team capable of tackling all aspects of electronic manufacture design work. It includes analogue and digital hardware, software and mechanical design. We are able to provide the most appropriate display to incorporate into the finished product for your particular application.

          All of our products include a custom design, which is a key part of our business solutions which guarantee our customers always maximize their ROI (Return On Investment) in the projects. We use our expertise in all realms of electronics and display technologies to ensure our customers get the highest quality display systems possible, using the latest technology and developing new solutions.

          We offer solutions that work for our customers. Examples:

          • Chassis mount

          • Console mount

          • Rack mount

          • Panel mount

          • Wall mount

          • Rugged tabletop

          • Electro mechanical

          • Electronic assembly

          • Mechanical design

          • Industrial displays

          • Ruggesdised solutions

          • Resistive touchscreen

          • Capacitive touchscreen

          • Infra-red touchscreen

          • Sunlight readable displays

          • NEMA enclosures

          • Military monitors

          • Marine  and submarine monitors

          • Aircraft - helicopter monitors

           Inelmatic Electronics have a complete One Stop Design and Manufacturing services. From concept design to product certifications, including:

          • Concept and product definition

          • 3D modelling and simulation

          • Prototyping

          • Testing

          • Certification

          • Industrialization

          • Product life cycle and lifetime technical support

          • After-sales service


          • Lower global cost

          • Shorter lead times

          Electronic engineering

          • Microcontrollers (8051,ATmega, ARM Cortex  M)

          • CPUs ( ARM9, ARM11, ARM Cortex A8, ARM Cortex A9, ARM Cortex A15)

          • O/S:  uCOS, Windows CE, Android

          • Industrial range Input Output (RS485, Ethernet, isolated digital and analog conditioners).

          • Customized LCD controllers

          • LCD-TFT controllers (Realtek RTD2660, Genesis/ST , DisplayLink)

          • EMI / EMC and wide experience in design for certification (EN50155, IEC60601, CE, FCC … )

          • Advanced PCB routing

          Mechanical Engineering

          • Plastic injection parts from precission parts to large size

          • Aluminum / Zinc casting parts 

          • Wide knowledge in surface finish

          • Metal Sheet folding (aluminum, Steel)

          Manufacturing department

          • Advanced product routing

          • Automated internal tracking systems

          • Test report per demand for batches or single units

          • Customer’s firmware/software installation

          Optical department

          • Advanced coatings (AR, AG,ITO …)

          • Advanced filters (UV, IR,EMI…)

          • Light polarizing

          • Passive backlight enhancement technology

          • Active backlight enhancement technology

          • Optical bonding

              Inelmatic offers custom segment LCD to achiveve customer needs

              Custom segment LCD


              • Segment LCD Design with Icons, fully customized.

              • LCD type: TN, STN, HTN, VA .

              • LCD Mode: Positive, Negative.

              • Polarizer: Transmissive, transflective.

              • Backlight: color LED, White LED, RGB LED.

              • Viewing position: 6 o’clock, 12 o’clock.

              • Viewing angle: upto 178º Vertical / Horizontal.

              • Connection: thruhole pin, Zebra Conductive Rubber Strip, FPC bonding.

              Agile development

              We use a very speedy and efficient process using a simple read across from previous designs, as well as taking off-the-shelf proven component parts as drop in modules in order to achieve our aims with confidence.

              • Submit drawing and design specification sheet

              • Drawing and specification review/approval. (1 day)

              • Final LCD drawing and specification sheet. (2 days)

              • Customer’s approval

              • LCD glass and backlight sample. (2-3 weeks)

              • Customer’s approval

              • Mass production. Lead time 3-6 weeks

              Inelmatic is able to deliver turnkey projects in a short lead time

              CRT Replacement

              Industrial custom displays are provided to replace malfunctioning displays in production lines and industrial applications. By replacing the old displays with a new customized display the lifetime of the production line can be extended. 

              We can supply an alternative solution to replace legacy CRT displays with up-to-date LCD monitors, either built into your original casings or custom made new enclosures, whether they be, panel, rack, desk or arm mounted, open frame and in whatever material is needed for your project. Our dedicated custom electronics design team can produce any solution for any of your needs.

              Our replacement industrial displays have been installed in the control rooms of customers in heavy industry, power generation and manufacturer plants.

              We are specialist in ruggedized CRT monitors and Industrial monitors with modifications of off the shelf CRT monitors and LCD flat panel monitors which have unusual or obsolete signals. Our products have been designed to interface with any  legacy signal and give a full-screen, bright and crisp display.

              Available product features:

              • Analogue & TTL video inputs.

              • High brightness / high contrast TFT panel

              • 90 - 260V AC or 12/24Vdc operation.

              • Optional touchscreen integration.

              • Analogue & TTL video inputs.

              • CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA compatible.

              • Adjustable Tilt Positions 0° / 5° / 10° / 15°.

              • Non glare glass for TFT protection.

              • Custom ODS controls.

              • Plug-and-play design, keeping original CRT chassis.

              •  (Remote) OSD controls for maximum versatility.

              • Legacy signals compatibility.

              OEM displays

              OEM Replacement and upgrade solutions

              We can remanufacture or replace your original OEM monitor. We have CRT monitor replacement solutions  founded on years of experience. We can supply you industrial LCD flat panel monitors and enclosures which are guaranteed to work in the most extreme environments, including systems supplied by OEM manufacturers such as:














              Fisher Rosemount












              HP Hewlett Packard


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              Project support

              Ask our project managers about the possibility to integrate our devices in your solutions. We will do our best to meet your requirements