Infotainment displays

Inelmatic designs and manufactures display for passenger information systems. Using the latest LED backlight technology and having a fanless design, the displays are maintenance-free. Including a protection cover lens to protect the screen from non intentional and intentional damages (vandalism) as well as easy liquid wiping while cleaning, enabling transport operators to bring to passengers text and graphical information to have a safe and smooth journey:

  • Next stop information

  • Detailed route information

  • Network maps

  • Operator information

  • News feed

  • Advertisements

  • Nearby services and shopping information

Features and benefits

  • GPS triggered route information 

  • Full control of Next Stop signs and Infotainment

  • Voice announcement

  • Online updates

  • On board hardware and systems status and diagnostics

  • Backoffice access

  • Content management

Bus | Train infotainment systems - BA series

Infotainment TFT displays, designed to be installed in bus, trains, trams...

The BA series were conceived to fulfil the digitalization of transport systems. Including a very wide range power supply, designed to work and withstand the power conditions in buses and railway vehicles. 

Main features of Inelmatic Passenger information System (PIS):

  • Lightweight

  • Waterproof front 

  • Protection glass/plastic cover

  • Stop/ramp indicators embedded in the display

  • Daisy Chain (DVI & Ethernet)

For further information check BA Series or contact us. 

Train infotainment systems - Inelmatic
Subway Metro stops - Inelmatic

Railway | Subway Metro stops - EDO series

Open frame displays for railway carriages 

Open frame information displays designed to be embedded inside the carriage's bodywork, usually on the top of each access door.  

Our EDO Series are rugged metal frame/open frame monitor designed for railway installations. We have thousands of systems working from 2015 in several European cities.

Passenger entertainment seat displays

Rugged displays for custom integrations in public transportation such as bus, tram, train... deliver on-board passenger information, providing data in real time and video on demand (VOD) as entertainment.

Our devices can also include a special optical treatment for a better user experience when light conditions are a handicap (sunlight or sun readable, and nightlight readable), integrating automatic and manual brightness settings.

Our IMP802 is a 8" display designed for public transport installations with frontal plug USB and dual audio output for headphones.  

Passenger entertainment seat displays - Inelmatic


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