Design and MFG.

Electronic Engineering:

  • Microcontrollers (8051,ATmega, ARM Cortex  M).
  • CPUs ( ARM9, ARM11, ARM Cotex A8, ARM Cortex A9, ARM Cotex A15).
  • O/S:  uCOS, Windows CE, Android.
  • Industrial range Input Output (RS485, Ethernet, isolated digital and analog conditioners).
  • Customized LCD controllers.
  • LCD-TFT controllers (Realtek RTD2660, Genesis/ST , DisplayLink).
  • EMI / EMC and wide experience in design for certification (EN50155, IEC60601, CE, FCC … )
  • Advanced PCB routing.

Mechanic Engineering:

  • Plastic injection parts from precission parts to large size.
  • Aluminum / Zinc casting parts .
  • Wide knowledge in surface finish.
  • Metal Sheet folding (aluminum, Steel).

Manufacturing department:

  • Advanced product routing.
  • Automated internal tracking systems.
  • Test report per demand for batches or single units.
  • Customer’s firmware/software installation.

Optical department:

  • Advanced coatings (AR, AG,ITO …)
  • Advanced filters (UV, IR,EMI…)
  • Light polarizing.
  • Passive backlight enhancement technology.
  • Active backlight enhancement technology.
  • Optical bonding.


  • Passive and semiconductor wide knowledge in Asia.
  • Cost effective component equivalency.
  • Sub-assembly and master procurement advanced methods.