TPC2000 Railway Embedded Computer

With over 15 years experience in engineering, certifying and manufacturing rugged electronic devices for different environments, Inelmatic succeeded in commercial off the shelf products, semi and fully custom, to satisfy the customers’ requirements. The TPC2000, a new generation of rugged computing platform, capable of delivering performance and processing power at low cost.

* Build-in Intel® Atom N2600/N2800/D2550 1.86GHz processor.
* Support Ethernet port.
* Removable SSD tray and CFast slot.
* Support one SIM card socket.
* 9-36V DC wide power range, optional railway EN50155 12-150V DC.
* Support 4 optoisolated input and 4 optoisolated output.
* Internal wireless 3G cmmunication or Wifi.
* Rugged fanless design for industrial, automotive and railway environment.
* Rugged design to meet MIL standard.
* Ultra low power consumption.
* Wide temperature range.
* Shock/Vibration proof.
* Aluminum chassis.