XF700 7 Inch Sunlight Readable Public Safety Touch Screen Monitor

XF700 series by Inelmatic Electronics, brings the possibility of installing a display which realizes a computer application in a restricted space. It’s a perfect Human Machine Interface (HMI) for restricted space and harsh environments, like personal vehicles, public transportation vehicles and any other situation where the dimensions and image quality is important, even under strong ambient light or direct sun light.

It includes a video scaler chipset supporting VESA from 640x480px up to 1024x728px including the native resolution 800x480px for a perfect pixel-match on the most demanding image accuracy.

The Optional touch panel with USB or RS232 interface adds an efficient human interface which brings full interactivity and high reliability.

In addiction, the XF700 includes the last generation of LED backlight with passive enhancement, to achieve a high brightness keeping the lowest power consumption. Besides, the manual dimmer bring the possibility of match the brightness to the ambient light, it makes the display able to work from darkest conditions without disturb the driver’s visibility, up to high brightness for the strongest light environments.




• High brightness ultra-low power LED backlight.
• Sun-readable available.
• Touch screen optional.
• 10 Steps configurable backlight dimmer and autodimmer.
• Autopower on/off by VGA signal.
• Native resolution 800x480px input mode.
• 2xComposite Video, one Composite input with autopower/autoswitch.
• All-in-one cable, 2.5 and 4.5m length options.
• Power 7-36V, meets car/truck requirements, including noise/spikes filters.
• Ultra low power consumption.
• Wide temperature range.
• Shock/Vibration proof.
• Aluminium chassis and rear side.
• Headrest and stand alone mount accessories.
• Customization available for small qty.

Application for touch version
Brightness (nits)450450600600600
Indoor useXXXXX
Indoor strong lightXXXX
Outdoor useXX
Direct SunlightX


Application for non touch version
Brightness (nits)450450600600
Indoor useXXXX
Indoor strong lightXXX
Outdoor useXXX
Direct SunlightX


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Size7 inches
Native resolution800x480px
Resolutions640x480px to 1920x1440px
Storage temp.-35ºC to 85ºC
Operation temp.-35ºC to 85ºC
Drop10cm max. (1cm collision to display area)
Vibrations1G 2-500Hz
Shock20G 11ms
InputVGA, HDMI or DVI optional
Audio InputOpional
Video input2 x Composite, optional
Touch panelUSB/RS232
Rear camera inputOptional
Power supply 7-36V DC


 - 450 nits N No touch N Normal N No videoN No audio 2.5 Cable 2.5m
 HB 600 nits U USB touch D Daylight V Video input A Stereo Audio 4.5 Cable 4.5m
 R RS232 touch S Sunlight C Custom length



  XF700_Brochure-V1.1 (499.4 KiB, 457 hits)


  XF700_Manual-V2.0 (902.0 KiB, 444 hits)


  driver (18.6 KiB, 491 hits)

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