About us


About US

Inelmatic Electronics is a leading provider of electronic devices and electronics contract manufacturing services to consumer, automotive, medical, military and other high tech industries. With over 15 years of experience in electronics and professionals with over 25 years of experience in electronic design and manufacturing, Inelmatic is capable of achieve and sustain best quality and customer support.

With our research and manufacturing facilities in Europe and China, we’re able to offer to our customers the best of both worlds: Asian pricing and European program management and quality.

Through our multidisciplinary team with several years of experience in different markets, we are able to offer turn-key solutions, one-stop design and manufacturing.

With tens of thousands of displays sold and a growing rate of 10-30% yearly since our worldwide expansion, plus over 3000 sqm in our two facilities, Inelmatic is proven its long term stability.

Inelmatic is currently a reference for high tech market such as high grade displays and fleet management devices for automotive and public transportation.